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"Peter's complete step-by-step manual will have you converting your own car to run on electricity for less than $300!"

From the DIY garage of Peter Millward
Environmental activist
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Hi, my name is Peter and I'm going to help YOU eliminate your gas bill completely. Not only that, the IRS will pay you (give you tax credits) for driving a clean fuel vehicle. My Electricity4Gas manual is going to show you everything you need to know about converting your car to run on electricity, in your very own garage or backyard.

If you are interested in learning exactly how to convert your car to run with electricity and eliminate your gas bill than this is the perfect resource for you!

With the ever increasing costs of gas there is no better time then right now to start running your own car on electricity.

Why worry about reducing your gas bills, when you can completely eliminate them!

Why pay $1000's for an electric car conversion or a new electric car when you can build your own professional system for less than $300!

Electricity4Gas is going to teach you everything you need to know about powering your own car with electricity. With my complete step-by-step setup manual you will be able to create your electric car in your own garage or backyard!

Let me ask you this question? Why don't you have an electric car yet? Is it because you think it's too expensive?

What if I told you that you can have your own electric car setup for $300 or less!? It's true! After extensive testing I have made these plans available to everybody worldwide!

This is a photo from my holidays, driving a Jeep,
that I converted to run
entirely on electricity.

I have a great passion for the environment and I want as many people as possible replacing gas for electricity (a clean fuel).

That's why I have written my manual in simple, easy-to-read English that will guide you through the process.

Every day people just like you are converting their cars. Thousands of successful electric car conversions around the world are proof that this technology works!

Watch this video to see award-winning actor Tom Hanks take a drive in his own electric car

To watch, click the play button in the middle of the screen.

(Please note: At the end of this video it says stay tuned for Tom's electric car part 2. "Tom's electric car part 2" video is not on this website, so please continue reading once the video has finished.)


Why should you power your car with electricity?

If you've ever seen the documentary Who Killed the Electric Car, you would understand all the great benefits of driving an electric car. Watch the video below to see one of my favorite actors Danny DeVito (who appeared in Who Killed the Electric Car) talk about just a few of the benefits of an electric car.


Here are just a few reasons I believe you should convert your car to run on electricity:

You will save hundreds of dollars every month on gas costs. It costs about $1 to charge your electric car, and you can travel up to 100 miles on a single charge.

This is great for our environment and your children will thank you for it.

The government will give you taxation credits for driving a clean fuel vehicle.

With our complete instructions this makes for a fun at home project.


This is a photo of my daughter in her 1995 Toyota Corolla.

We both got involved in converting her car to electric. It was a fun at home project for both of us.


This is a photo of my wife in
our family car (our latest car
that we converted to electric).

We both love having an electric car. It's great for the environment, and the money we save on gas we put towards eating out at nice restaurants, paying off our credit card debts and giving to charitable organizations. (We would rather donate our money to charities, than to the big oil companies!)

By now I hope you're realizing the amazing benefits of an electric car, and that it's definitely possible for you to build your own electric car, easily and at a very reasonable cost, but you might be wondering:

Aren't electric cars slow?

Absolutely NOT. If you think driving an electric car is like being in a slow old clunky golf cart, think again.

Watch this video to see Adam and Jamie from the television show MythBusters. They bust the myth that electric cars are sluggish and slow.

(Please note: You may need to turn up your speakers to hear this video.)


Here are just a few of the topics covered in my manual:

The parts and tools needed before you start - Without this information your whole attempt to create an electric car will be pointless.

How to find FREE batteries and other FREE parts for your electric car.

Simple illustrations and diagrams to follow.

Complete setup instructions and step by step instructions to convert your gas-guzzling car to an electric car.


Anyone can build their own electric car regardless of skill, and after following the information in my manual, I promise:

For only a few hundred dollars you will have an electric car that rivals anything the large automakers can produce.

Your electric car will look good.

Your electric car will travel at 50 mph.

You can drive up to 100 miles on a single charge.

You will be completely satisfied


Here's what others are saying:

Take a look below at a few people who have used the Electricity4Gas manual to create their own electric car and are saving money every single day.


"Great manual! This is the first time I discovered that I could make an electric car at home. Although I know very little about cars, I find the step by step guidance in the manual very easy to understand and follow. I will definitely recommend it to my friends. I am sure this is good news for those feeling the pain about the increasing gas prices."

Marija Niccol, Australia


My wife and I have been looking for good information on alternative fuel sources for some time now because of the recent increase in gas prices. After receiving your Electricity4Gas manual we made our own electric car, and it is giving us more than enough energy to power our car. Our next step is to build an electric car for our daughter. We have already noticed how much money we can save!

Thanks again for giving us the know how to help make this a better world for our kids and grandkids.

Rob Sanchez, California


"With the increasing fuel prices and crisis, electricity could be the best alternative and this manual explains how to make an electric car in an easy manner which even a novice like me could follow. I would recommend this manual, 100%."

Mark Campbell, UK


How much are you set to save?

Professional electric car conversions cost $3,000 and the price just rises from there. I am handing you the information you need to get the same results but for a tiny fraction of the price.

If your weekly gas bill is just $50 a week, that's $200 a month, $2,400 a year. If you spend $100 a week on gas, that's $400 a month, $4,800 a year!

Once your car is converted, you will completely eliminate future gas bills. That's a saving of well over $1,000 per year, every year.

Also you shouldn't forget that the government will pay you (IRS refunds up to $1,000). To encourage the reduction of global warming and pollution, the government is giving taxation credits to people driving a more environmentally friendly car.

Not only will you be making massive savings on conversion costs, slashing your weekly gas bill to zero, and receiving money from the government, you'll also be preventing global warming, creating a better environment for your family.


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As soon as you order, you will be given instant access to download the manual directly from the Internet on to your computer. (The manual is in downloadable PDF format.) Since there is no actual hard copy of the manual, there's no need to wait 2-6 weeks for delivery. You can begin working on your own electric car in just minutes from now.

You won't find a better price anywhere else for such a complete and quality conversion-kit manual with over 40 pages of no-nonsense straight-to-the-point instructions easy enough for even a novice to follow.


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Free Bonuses

When you order the Electricity4Gas manual I'm going to give you the following bonuses:


Bonus: Get Paid To Drive.

Did you know you can get a brand new car at no cost, or get paid money to drive if you already own a car?

There is no catch, no hidden costs. The sponsor (advertising) companies will let you drive their new cars for free, or pay you up to $400 a month to drive your own car, just for decorating the car with their messaging.

The Get Paid To Drive guide will give you access to companies willing to pay you, just for driving your own car. Regular Price is $19.95.


Bonus: Hypermiling: How to Make Your Car Go Further With Less Gas.

This is a handy book that gives you easy tips and tricks that you can follow to reduce your gas mileage.

You won't need this book because you will be completely eliminating your gas bill with your electric car, but it's a good book to give to family or friends, who want to save on gas but aren't ready for an electric car. Regular Price is $19.95.


Bonus: How To Beat A Speeding Ticket.

You should remember your electric car will be capable of going way above the speed limit. I am in no way encouraging speeding, however this bonus book will teach you how to beat a speeding ticket, along with how to avoid getting tickets. Regular Price is $19.95.


Bonus: How To Make Your Own Bio-Diesel.

Did you know you can make your own bio diesel fuel at home for about 46 cents a gallon? It can be used as home heating oil or even to power any car or truck diesel engine.

This book reveals the secret tips and plans to get you on your way to easily and quickly making your own bio-diesel. Regular Price is $19.97.


Bonus: Living Green: Tips for Reducing your Carbon Footprint.

With all of the pollutants out there right now, imagine what it will be like for future generations. This book gives you tips that you can use to make simple, but positive changes.

The efforts of following these tips over the course of your lifetime will significantly reduce the amount of pollution in our environment. Regular Price is $14.95.


Bonus: No-Cost and Low-Cost Energy Saving Tips For Your Home.

The average family currently spends $1600 each year on utilities, and that amount is expected to rise drastically this year. This book gives you no-cost and low-cost energy saving tips that will save you between 10% to 50% on your utility bills.

This is a great resource for saving you money and the environment. Regular Price is $19.97.


That's a value of over $110 in free books! You can instantly download these books along with the Electricity4Gas manual onto your computer, as soon as you place your order.


100% Money Back Guarantee

If after purchasing the Electricity4Gas manual, you are not happy with it, or it is just not what you expected it to be, simply contact me and ask for a refund within 60 days of purchase and I will promptly issue you 100% of your money back.


Peter Millward
Environmental activist

P.S. Just think! In a matter of minutes you will be on your way to converting your car to run on electricity. Close your eyes for a few seconds and imagine driving 100 miles for less than $1, no longer pumping toxic fumes & greenhouse gas into our environment, and receiving up to $1,000 in tax refunds from the IRS, for driving an environmentally friendly car.

It's all possible when you make a small investment in the Electricity4Gas manual.


"Thanks for this amazing information. For some time I was looking for a comprehensive and detailed handbook to make an electric car at home and kick the big companies out of my life for good! I did some numbers and I will save about $3000 a year. I can't wait!"

Elaine Miller


Do yourself and our planet a favor and convert your car to electric!
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